Recent Projects

A quality Evaluation study of Education Health and Care Plans, sponsored by The British Academy & Leverhulme Trust

Dr Susana Castro & Dr Olympia Palikara

From 2015 to 2018, we gathered more than 200 Education Health and Care plans developed in England for children with disabilities. A series of studies were conducted  aimed at assessing the quality of the content of these plans. Quality concerns were observed in the way that children’s’ voices are portrayed in the plans, on how their needs are described and on how the outcomes are designed. Recommendations for improving the quality of these plans were advanced.


Froebelian Pedagogy in light of the Children and Families Act 2014, sponsored by the Froebel Trust

Dr Susana Castro & Dr Olympia Palikara

A pool of Education Health and Care plans developed in some of the most deprived local authorities in the country and some of the most affluent ones, were gathered and compared. While both deprived and affluent areas seems to face challenges in the development of the plans, those coming from deprived local authorities present lower quality indicators, thus underlining the disadvantage that children from these areas are subject to in terms of education, health and social care provision.


ICF MedUse sponsored by the European Commission, Erasmus+

Dr Susana Castro & Dr Olympia Palikara as Uk partners

Together with 5 countries, a research project led by the Medical School of Hamburg aimed at developing an online tool to support the assessment of children with disabilities within multi-disciplinary teams of professionals. The tool is now being used across several early intervention centres in Germany.